A Sophomore living in the more wankish half of Wanksuite (EastDorm 159) at HarveyMuddCollege.
Roomate: StephenYu
Suitemates: EricBerglund, AlejoEnriquez

Prospective EngineeringMajor

Loves and lives for TheChess. Always open for chess challenges.

One of the original HaloFrosh and a former member of FroshCrackSuite. Not to mention the only person on campus crazy enough to room with StephenYu. Again.

Second Person to oficially gain the title of WanK.

The original AntiWank?, the perfect counter to Yu, TheWank. In theory they should cancel out and explode in a release of energy. Instead, it seems Yu is rubbing off on Josh, slowly nullifying the Wank-dampening.

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