FroshCrackSuite was formed in the fall of 2003 by EricBerglund, RichardGarfinkel, JoshSinanan, and StephenYu, and officially declared as such by MikelGrenzner. All four are complete CrackWhores, and may be found engaging in Crack at any hour (They have been known to play SettlersOfCatan before noon, or have impromptu HaLo parties at 4 am. [you forgot to include Risk 2210 games played on weeknights, during which the phrase "I still need to do my <insert frosh class> homework" is oft repeated. -- ErikShimshock]).

FroshCrackSuite became rather less visible in the latter part of Fall Semester, mostly because all of us except RichardGarfinkel became utter HaLo whores and spent far too much time playing it in Jimmy J's room. Our average HaLo consumption per day was estimated by some at around 4.5 hours. Members can most frequently be found playing HaLo in East 114, working or playing SettlersOfCatan in East 165, or in their beds attempting to avoid SleepDep.

Honorary memebers: GregSandstrom, JamesOsburn (Jimmy J)

Crack of choice:

RichardGarfinkel: CrackInTheAC, SettlersOfCatan

EricBerglund: HaLo, Chess, SettlersOfCatan, WarcraftIII, EscapeVelocity, Risk, Diplomacy

Stephen and Josh are too lazy to ever use Wiki, So I've filled in some common stuff for them:

StephenYu: HaLo, SettlersOfCatan, Risk, Space (http://space.coldfirestudios.com)

JoshSinanan: Chess, HaLo, Risk, SettlersOfCatan


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