East 104, the realm of BerylEgerter and MaryRachelStimson.

Much video gaming occurs here. Samantha Ipser and several other ThirdFloorEasties are known to frequent the room for this reason.

Originally nicknamed the Tardis because of the room's ability to fit more people than it rightly should for movie watching. Often, those "movies" were actually Doctor Who episodes. The presence (and perseverance) of "Cake" is somewhat of a mystery to MaryRachelStimson. Insert obligatory Portal reference here.

East 104 also contains a couch. And 2.1 lbs of Goldfish. It's mostly gone for now. Instead, some intrepid souls flooded the room with >70 bags of Sun Chips. Most were lounged. Some are still being found.

As of Fall 2010, the TardisCake has been renamed the Tardis, and has moved two doors down to East 108.

East 108 contains two couches. And often has goldfish or fortune cookies.


As of Fall 2011, the Tardis has moved two doors down (again) to East 112.

East 112 contains 3 couches. And has goldfish that will probably be gone soon.

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