A RoleplayingGame?. One of the main lines in the now OOP WoD? universe. As of May 2004, Gehenna has come, and the line is ended (to be replaced by VampireTheRequiem? at GenCon perhaps?).

But that doesnt mean we can't still play in it. Along those lines, i'm looking for players for an online, mostly play by email, WoD? campaign. Effectively, i was going to run an elders campaign anyway, and as this effectively forces me to run a global storyline, i might as well have an arbitrary number of players? Sound like the FairyTaleCampaign? Except i have a global plot that will keep things moving even if the players do nothing. Any power level acceptable, though if you want to play with vampires 8th gen and lower i need to have heard from you yesterday (eg, asap). Backgrounds due 1 week after Mudd's graduation, minimum 1 page/century of life to a max min of 5 pages (single spaced). Let me know you're playing before you send me a background. My contact info is on my home page. Alternatives to vampire are discouraged unless you intend to play in the elders game, in which case mages and abominations are welcome. You need to know any non-vampire rules you are using, and are responsible for them. I encourage 14th-15th gen players. I will not have time to explain rules to anyone, so find someone else who knows them. I will also not have time to explain the World of Darkness setting, so i encourage you to read the flavor material in the vampire core book and/or get a description of the setting. Game time starts in October 1998. I'll discuss modifications to character creation rules after i have backgrounds (eg, dont do character creation yet). --NickJohnson, the StoryTeller?

also a LARP (Live Action RoleplayingGame?)

The below refers specifically to participation in the Camarilla, a now defunct (inter?)national organization which coordinated a huge LARP plotline set in the WoD?.

An insidious and bizarre RolePlaying hobby that sucks away all of AriNieh's time. (Not to be mistaken for FreeCell, which is not a RolePlaying game but is equally insidious and time consuming, or with Vampire, one of the ItrGames.)

Other players, past and present, include ShamikMaitra, SeemaPatel, CrazyOldMan CubanJon?, DougHonma, AiyeshaMa, AnneMarra, NickJohnson, IanTullis, MarkEphair, EmilyCukier, JanelleJarboe, StonyLohr, and BretHutchinson. Unfortunately, most of these players have retired for various causes- lack of interest in some cases, although CrazyOldMan CubanJon? had different reasons.

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