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Class of 2015 ScrippSie* who graduated with a Digital Media Studies major and Psychology minor**. Partners in crime with JustinBai.

Alicen started her career at Scripps in the Accelerated Integrated Science Program at Scripps before realizing she had absolutely no desire to be a scientist. She then changed her major to psychology, temporarily dated WilliamGrabill, discovered feminism, and started blogging. Her junior year she switched her major again to Media Studies in order to work for Felicia Day's Youtube channel, Geek & Sundry. Unfortunately Felicia failed to realize Alicen was her soulmate during this time (although they did have a nice chat about cupcakes), and the heartbroken Alicen fled to Ireland for the rest of her junior year to heal her soul with leprechaun magic***. After regaining her strength through the power of the Irish brogue and extensive travel in Europe, she proceeded to work for an LA tech startup incubator****. She finished off her time in Claremont by writing a transmedia YouTube? series as her thesis about a first generation college student, loosely based on Hans Christen Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'.

Currently works at Twitch doing custom advertising campaigns (was not involved with the Twitch Plays Totino's Bucking Couch that Legal won't let us do anymore). She will refer any aspiring programmers (dat referral bonus), just find her on LinkedIn?.

She has a strong WhedonNumber of 5 for those of you trying to figure out your own.

  * Contrary to popular belief by both professors and students, she is not a mudder, but is probably at East or Geek Suite at Scripps
  ** She is neither AllisonSchubauer nor AllisonMis
  *** EastieMap/2013-2014 is a lie because PatrickMeehan is full of lies
  **** Where Alicen learned she actually can't escape mudd after it turned out a mudder's father owned the company

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