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An epic BadIdea created by AlanGilder, KwangKetcham, ChrisSauro, and MattWodrich (originally played by these four, plus IvanHernandez and DietrichLangenbach (substituted by JoshOratz after 8 hours) in a game lasting 9 hours, ending 53-51-49-9-3-0) combining Chaos Magic (as in : The Gathering) with Dominion. Chaos Magic adds in random effects, as determined by a d100 (ranging from "all creatures you control cannot be damaged this turn" to "reset all life counters to 20" to "shuffle your hand, in-play cards, and graveyard into your library and draw a new hand of 7 cards"). ChaosDominion takes this and adds in a game of Dominion.



DietrichLangenbach: Why didn't they mention Native Village mats?
KwangKetcham: That seems like a huge oversight!

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