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What is FireWeed? Something condoned by the ProctorOfVice? Not Quite. Rather, Not Yet.

FireWeed is a wonderous plant that annually grows to 6+' tall, and has a glorious pink / magenta / PurPle / fushia ish stalk of flowers that blooms from July through September in the NorthCountry?, such as AlaskaUsa. The bloom starts at the bottom of the stalk (typically about 1/6 - 1/10th? of the total stalk is flower), and works it way up. When at the peak, that means that summer is over. In the NorthCountry?, at any rate.

FireWeed was once (several times, perhaps) introduced to HarveyMuddCollege by ItrSuite, but the plant is smarter than you might think. Within days of realizing it was in (Heaven Forbid!) southern california, it promptly died. No such honorable plant would tolerate the shame of growing in SoCal?. (at least, not below ~8,000 - 10,000')

A voracious grower, FireWeed is typically the first plant to return to burned areas, hence its cool name. A member of Latifolium, FireWeed is responsible for many illicit ongoings throughout the world.

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