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Also known as Joel Groves, also known as Joel the Joel the Joel; Joel the Joel the Joel the Jake; Joel the Joel the Joel the Jake the Joel; Joel the Joel the Joel the Jake the Joel the Bum and many others (a new name seems to be appended annually), this man is a big freak, former member of the legendary ItrSuite, FifthYearEngineer, and one of those wacky Alaskans (See also: FrancisCarr).

Made really cool ContactJuggling balls for Metallurgy (a scary upper-division engineering class). They glow under blacklight. It is rumored that JoelTheJoel did not actually indulge in ContactJuggling, but rather preferred to use his creation (the HappyFunBall?, it would seem) as a Bouncy.

JoelTheJoel, in conjunction with ZekeBurgess?, discovered the MagicEchoSpot? located between EastDorm and NorthDorm using a HappyFunBall? as an exploratory acoustic Bouncy.

Current reconnaissance suggests that JoelTheJoel is now living in BostonMass, a place which is neither Claremont or AlaskaUsa. This would seem to confirm reports that the Hub is home to multiple former members of ItrSuite.

Sightings have placed JoelTheJoel in close proximity to [Gurl], a longtime companion, cohort, and comingling compatriot.

JoelTheJoel has, on occasion, been known to indulge in the practice of RoseEating, and FireWeed planting.


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