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my birthday is in august

my birthday is in august (we know thats why this is gr8)



From K8's Facebook on Kate's birthday in January of 2016:

SaraMcAllister - Happy Super Late Birthday Kate!!! Kate is great.

AdamDhillon - K8=GR8

Sara - K8 is GR8. She is rarely L8 because she goes at a GR8 R8.]

Kate - Grrrrrrrrrrr....;

Adam - ...rrrrrrrrr8

Kate - :(

Adam - what's wrong m8?

Sara - Kate has h8

CharlesDawson - She does not appreci8

Sara - this is her f8

Adam - our rhymes she will berry

Sara - she has gr8 tr8s, like never being l8

EvanHubinger - let's hope she doesn't retail

Charles - Guys, maybe we should stop. She has a lot on her pl8.

Sara - but we are cr8ing things on K8's wall

Sara - "this is gr8" - Evan Hubinger

Kate - (mad emoticon)

Charles - Don't h8, k8, appreci8

Adam - gr8 k8, i r8 8/8

Evan - Diphenhydrop8?

Adam - *Diphenhydropk8?

Charles - Hey k8, I'm having some trouble with the chem homework. Did you get an answer for problem 3? The one with the phosph8 reaction?

LydiaSylla - Guys, really, no need to persever8

Adam - If we stop, perhaps k8's pain we will allevi8

Sara - i think your homework will be a little l8

Charles - We've created an instant sensation

Sara - *sens8ion

Charles - It will subsume all of creation

We love you K8!!!

my birthday is in august (we know thats why this is gr8)

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