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I propose a RESURRECTION! --DuctTapeGuy

The Lord of the Ream










I place this here so someone other than me might one day contribute to it.

Movie version. Script model:

If someone has a chance to go through and figure out what bits we've missed, that'd be cool too. Too bad I'm a bum. -StephGrush

I've decided that I actually want to go ahead and try to organise the creation of a LordOfTheReamRadioPlay --AlexBobbs

Heck, if all the places actually exist, if we were able to find a camera, we could do this as a movie... --PomonaSteve

Stuff we've missed:

Book I:

Book II:

Book III:

I propose a RESURRECTION! --DuctTapeGuy

Places and things that seem to be explicitly defined (for reference):

Tentative equivalents of places, characters, things not explicitly mentioned (feel free to change as seems appropriate):

Gimli's weapon should so be a GrapefruitSpoon?, with some GSoIP? as ranged weapons. --NickJohnson

I have a petition for assistance; I need a good analogy for Lurtz (the Uruk-Hai captain). Saruman is the head of Dining services, the Uruk-Hai are a cross between Pitzoids and F&M. What is Lurtz, then? For purposes of story, I'd like him to be capable of dispensing both LGNs and summoning large amounts of Mudd-level coursework. One of the more difficult Pitzer profs, perhaps? Or the registraaaaargh? --WillShipley

D v arb admin decision... in brief, I chose Dean Wettack because who else would be the Witch King? He is in charge of the Dept chairs, he can't be a dept chair. It also amused me to stick a Levin reference in there. If you want to eliminate Wettack as the Witch King, and return it to the D thing, and make the grade thing make sense, do it. I already proposed this earlier, but i can't think of anyone else who should/could be the witch king. I can see i'm the only one who cares for the newer version, but i'm not going to change it back because i can't make it make sense. Stop wanking at me and change it already. --NickJohnson

I'm curious: what was the rationale for making the Lothlorien elves into hum majors? (Also, are we sticking with High Elves => bitter upperclassmen and not-high elves => permafroshy upperclassmen?) It seems more in keeping with [something] that they'd be bitter tech majors like those in Rivendorm, only off the meal plan. That, and I'm amused at the idea of Galadriel talking about what an evil grader she'd be if she had the power of the Ream--that'd be a bit harder to pull off if she were a hum major. --JulieWortman

Is it just me, or is this script asking for some horrific pun involving the Riemann hypothesis at some point? Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense in the HDP Moody scene...-MicahSmukler

I came up with a crazy idea that would probably take up way too much time. Anyone want to make a radio-play (or whatever you call them) of this when we're done writing? I'd actually volunteer to do the editing and sound effects and stuff if people are interested. --AlexBobbs

So has anyone else noticed that Elrond was there when Momar took the Ream 3 years ago, but Bilbo acquired the Ream from Gollum during E4 at least 4 years ago? Yay consistency? --NickJohnson I just wrote Galadriel as an upperclassman at least three years ago. Chronology? I hardly! You are playing with [baleeted!]

So here's a question, where do we draw the lines for books 3/4 and 5/6? There's a handy division available in where the two-disc extended edition splits, but I don't remember where that is now... --DuctTapeGuy

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