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O-Chem, also known as Chem 105. Opiate of the masses. CheMistry without numbers. Teaches you to make anything you want on paper, and about 1% of that in the lab, less if there are more than two steps. Some mechanistic explanations get hand-wavy and must be accepted on faith, so bring an open mind and stare at those electron-pushing curved arrows until you are a True Believer.

Taken by BioLogy? majors too, of their own volition. Really. Um... no. It's required. And not just for Mo-Bio since I would have dropped it otherwise (Yes, after already having completed PChem)

Generally taught in a kick-ass fashion by ProfessorMcCurdy, but will be taught next year by ProfessorDaub (Guido, to his pals.) Scratch that, it was ProfessorMinehan for '02.

Ask BretHutchinson about it. Better yet, listen to the relevant sound file(s).

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