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Personally, Link's my third favorite, after Samus and Kirby. - AdamField

A new SuperSmashBrothers game has come out for GameCube, and so far everyone seems to like it a lot. It is very pretty and has a lot more things for you to do. (see SuperSmashBrothersMelee)

SuperSmashBrothers is a VideoGame which is just plain wrong. The theory is that each of the Nintendo games of yore should be able to fight each other. The characters are Samus Aran, Mario and Luigi (the plumbers), Kirby, Yoshi, Captain Falcon (F-Zero) (AKA Captain Crappy, Cap'n Crapnut, Falcon Handicap, etc.), Ness (Earthbound), Donkey Kong, Jigglypuff!, Pikachu, Link, and Star Fox.

Discussion among G63 and Mac Suite (a south frosh suite from 1999-2000 that died when EvilSouthie moved to AtwoodDorm) has provided the following information regarding the characters: There really is no "better" character, but they generally play with different styles. Kirby tends to be a very popular character among the better players, as does Donkey Kong. Ness is also fairly popular. Generally, Kirby has the best way to "spike", or send somebody vertically downward quickly off the side, out of all the characters, although he tends to die quickly. DonkeyKong? has a fairly good spike, and doesn't die until higher levels, but provides a bigger area to be able to hit. Ness has very powerful attacks, and has the longest third jump, which is very useful for getting back to the fighting area (but Jigglypuff has the most distance for returning to a position, even longer than Kirby's or Ness's when you combine the extra flight with the punch).

Yoshi is one of the hardest characters to play well, although it can be done. Very few players at Mudd routinely play Yoshi or Jigglypuff well.

Except for the fact that Jigglypuff is actually a very good player. Most decent SuperSmashBrothers players tht give Jigglypuff a try find it to be an extremely powerful character. Jigglypuff has the best horizontal ability to return, very good (although short range) smash attacks, and the all famous SkrewYooLykaBich technique. I usually win nearly one third to half the time when I play with Jigglypuff, and I'm not the only one that is any good with it. --NateCappallo There are also players (from outside the G63 crowd) who make excellent use of Jigglypuff's bitch move without preceding it with the screw kick, which can be a dead giveaway. The computer, however, plays Jigglypuff abysmally.

Current character theory:

There's a lot of debate about whether the characters are balanced. While it has become clear that they are not grossly unbalanced, in general there are two tiers of characters: those who are slightly better (or at least easier to play), and those that are slightly worse (or harder to play).

The first tier contains: Samus Aran, Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Ness, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, and Star Fox. The second tier contains: Yoshi, Jigglypuff, and Link.

(This classification may certainly be somewhat controversial).

 Personally, Link's my third favorite, after Samus and Kirby. - AdamField

Oh, and recent popular knowledge also gives the title of best SuperSmashBrothers player to JohnWalseth.

In single combat, BrianRoney (as well as, apparently, quite a few other players) has bested the JohnWalseth. However, JohnWalseth remains the best SuperSmashBrothers player ever. (Nobody's quite sure why, but it works)

CurtisVinson is sometimes known as the most annoying SuperSmashBrothers player ever when he's playing with people who are feeling frustrated, in a bad mood, or are just generally poor losers.



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