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Junior CS major. Last year's 5th TimeSucker. 2nd floor backhall was the source of much bitterness at the beginning of the year because of him, which usually manifested as rants posted to EastDormSchmack. This dropped off suddenly because of VictoriaDavis, a non-geek that somehow got into Mudd and (weirder still) likes EastDorm.

Plays DungeonsAndDragons. Is the DM 90% of the time, running ongoing campains in the campaing world of his own creation, [1].

Loves ContactJuggling. Was the president (in name only) of the ContactJuggling club, which was unfortunately rather short lived. Had the happy experience of posessing nearly 40 ContactJuggling balls at one time, while giving them out to those that ordered them.

Also loves storytelling. Has read a large amout of folklore and mythology, and thus is usually prepared if anyone asks him to tell a story.


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