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A. Meet up with Patri and set it to 1.

In the tradition of the [Internet Oracle], (formerly known as the Usenet Oracle) ask any question you desire on the page, and the WikiWikiWeb will answer it.

Q. How does one determine one's PatriNumber?

A. Meet up with Patri and set it to 1.

Q. What's up?

A. This cross that.

Alternative A: -(Gravity-hat) direction

Q. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A. ZOT! (also in the tradition of the [Internet Oracle])

Q. Help! I'm addicted to FunWiki! I just spent over an hour on FunWiki when I should have been doing homework or something. Is there hope for addicts like me?

A. Yes. Unfortunately it involves one of the following options.

  1. A sledghammer and your computer
  2. The removal of at least six (6) of your digits
  3. Repeatedly poking BenZeckel in the tummy which strangely enough also involves the loss of digits.
  4. Invoking the ElderGods
  5. Going to... Well, never mind. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
  6. <add option>

Q. Can I really achieve Christ conciousness through Kriya Yoga, as says master Paramahansa Yogananda?

A. Of course you can. Don't be silly.

Q. Where can I find master Yoda? And WTF is a Mitochlorian?

A. Accept the truth, Lucas worshipper- Star Trek rules! Mwahahaahaha! Go suck a Midichlorian, you pod-racing schmuck!

(The Satan-worshipping neo-Nazi fools responsible for this answer have been sacked. Please pardon our dust)

Q. Why is there a marshmallow on my nose?

A. 42

Alternative A: AiyeshaMa (well, that's a good reason for a strawberry on the forehead...)

Another Alternative A: ShamikMaitra

Q. What % of EastiePersons are above an 85% on the 500q PurityTest?

A. 42

Alternative A: AiyeshaMa

um, i actually don't think so...

Q. Should I go to class?

A. I don't know. Where exactly would you plan on classing?

Q. But if I ask a question, I have to check back for the answer... is there any way around that?

A. < This space intentionally left blank >

Q. Why is LordOfTheReam getting sucking so much time?

A. Because it be going to have been getting funny.

Q. Where is footnote [1]?

A. See footnote [1] for answer.

Q. Whatever happened to the SeeAlso? page? Does nobody else miss it?

A0. I miss it! I do (thanks to A1) understand why it's gone, but it's still gone. =o[ I always get a little sad when a part of the wiki goes away.--DanCicio

A1. I'm pretty sure it went by the wayside when backlinks came along.

A2. Not really.

Q. Is this page used anymore?

A. See SelfFulfillingProphecy.

Q. What is he most epic thing you can do while at Mudd?

A. Climb SpragueLibrary?.

[1] Over here.

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