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I think this outfit really enhances my elven ears. And damn I look young! Was 2002 really that long ago?

AlexBobbs is an indigenous Eastie who lived in EastDorm from 1999-2003, during which time he was the organizer of many pranks (most notably the SillyFroshForce and PuttPuttCourse). He was a singer/songwriter for StemsDrugsAndRockAndRoll and a frequent director for the EtcPlayers as well as some of Groves' Shakespeare productions. At this time, he drove the CrappiestCarEver and lived with the mysterious SamWard, who used to patrol FunWiki as the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi.

Other achievements at Mudd include jointly holding the position of ProctorOfVice (despite still having a purity score somewhere in the high 80's), being one of the original ChessersPlayers, and getting Mudders into E3 on press passes. Oh, and he also graduated with a degree in Biology.

As of 2013, he is Dr. Bobbs, and works as a postdoctoral fellow and bioinformatics consultant. Other recent projects include GeekQuest, some Flash films at NewGrounds?, and short-term missionary outings to Central America and Haiti. Despite this, he still speaks really poor Spanish.

He dresses as Link from LegendOfZelda, though not every day.

Past Dorm Awards: Dorm Vicebringer, Dorm Mastermind, Dorm ProctorOfVice(really he is), Dorm Evil Villain, Dorm It's-All-Part-Of-My-EvilPlan, Dorm Zookeeper, Dorm Calvinist (I'm still not sure if I got this for my theology, which is similar to many of the ideas of John Calvin, or for the many "Calvin and Hobbes" sigs I had on my emails for about two years), Dorm Tasteful Crack, Dorm Subtle Evil, Dorm SNES Whore, Dorm Crack Smokers, Dorm Crack Dealers, Dorm Crack Addicts.

Only because it's all your fault ;->

I am almost positive that there exist some things that are not my fault

Watch out kids, its all part of his evil plan

Alex likes to write really insane, satirical works. "The Hamster of the Opera" (produced in 2000), and his flash-animated film "That Prequel Movie" (2001) are prime examples of this. A sequel to "That Prequel Movie" has been finished and is currently online. See AlexsInsanity.

Info on AlexBobbs:

Member of FunWikiGeneration 0

CampusPhone: 520-977-2000

Email: abobbs@hmc.edu or abobbs@u.arizona.edu

See Also: EtcPlayers, BigPrank, GoodFlix, StemsDrugsAndRockAndRoll, EvilLaugh, FamousLastWords, EvilTriumphs, SillyFrosh

Some Memorable Quotes on Alex's preformance as ProctorOfVice

     GeoffRomer: "Alex, do you have any vices?"
     AlexBobbs: "Well, sometimes I leave out the syncopation in Beethoven's 9th."

     TaraMartin: "Vice is just sorta bad. You're EVIL!"

     AlexBobbs: "There were some people in the generation before me who put my vicefulness to shame..."
     BenjAzose: "PBS puts your vicefulness to shame!"   

He is the Alex; he speaks for the Furbies.

Ohtuyma Wayloh! (Meaning literally "I command you to sleep" in English, or "Zort!" in Chesserian. Use this handy travel phrase on sleep-depped easties to get them to look at you funny)



WikiWhore and WikiWhore2003

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