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* has a unicycle, and should probably use it more often.
* has a bear whose name is Bear. He is mostly a giant head with big ears and a wee little body. He's cute.

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*** weak 2, strong 4
* helped run the 2010 Summer Room Draw with JenniRinker.
*** weak 2, strong 3

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* is friends with a Whale! (aka ErinPowers)

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* Roomed with NikkiPeck in East 166 (power corner!)
* Currently living in East 176 (ProctorSuite!)
* Roomed with NikkiPeck in East 166 her junior year (power corner!)
* Lived in East 176 her senior year (ProctorSuite!)

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* DavidLapayowker

Stephanie is a MathBio major in the class of 2012. She:

Dorm Things:

Purity Score:


Votings at Eastmas:


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