ChrisFerguson is a member of the class of 2011, making him a senior in the '10-11 school year. He is an engineering major, and somehow he has been focusing on EE (how'd that happen??). Come bother him sometime--he usually isn't doing anything important. Chris is the EastDormProctor for the '10-'11 school year.

In '07-08, he lived in East 105 with AlexMcAuley.

In '08-09, he lived in East 116 with DanMoore.

In '09-10, he lived in East 116 with DanMoore.

In '10-11, he lived in East 176.

Some Brief Facts:

Things I've heard people say about Chris: (written by not Chris, on behalf of Chris. Thanks for being awesome Chris!)

Number of People at His High School Having His Name:

Number of Mudders He Recruited From His High School:

Farthest Distance Traveled While Being Showered:

Number of Head-Punches owed to MattKeeter:

Frequent caller of FridayMorningMovie.

He comes from the Pacific Northwest, probably the most awesome place to live (for those who care, he hails from Bainbridge Island... aka NearSeattle?). He enjoys rain very much, and wishes there was more of it in Claremont. He also enjoys living somewhere with weather, and where the mountains are snow-covered and visible on days with no clouds.

Chris is fond of Rubik's Cubes, SettlersOfCatan, and ConTact?. Chris prefers a different set of rules for ConTact? than most of the dorm, but for the time being at least, he has accepted the fact that he has to play by the currently accepted EastDorm rules. Go Play FunwikiContact!

Chris is a frequent player of MagicTheGathering.

Inventor of the MetalAccelerator?. If you don't know what this is, ask him for a demonstration.

Helped construct and pilot the EDS MightyWanderer.

Despite belief to the contrary, is not be EricLangman. (Very important to note)

Participated in the FnordCompletionRun.

Is terrible at unlocking the bathroom door. You'll know when this happens because MattKeeter will shout "CHRIS! BATHROOM!" from around the corner.

Music Chris Will Play Loudly In His Room:

Video Games Chris Enjoys And Wishes He Has More Time For (Single Player):

Video Games Chris Will Try To Beat You In (MultiPlayer?):

Other Games Chris Owns or Plays:

Shows Chris Enjoyed Watching (And You Might Too!):

Shows Chris Enjoys Waching, Foreign Language Edition!:

Comics Chris Has Enjoyed Reading:

5 Books you should read, in no particular order:

If you finish those:

(Chris has many, but not all, of these books with him. Come ask if you are interested)

Recommend books for Chris here (Please!):


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