Student Projects' Page -- Robotics Course Spring 2007

Course: CS 154 Spring 2007

Instructor (Z. Dodds)
Computer Science Department
Harvey Mudd College
1250 North Dartmouth Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

The GatorJeep Project (Morgan Conbere, Topper Kain, Mackenzie Miller, Mike Roberts, Paul Wais, Steven Wyckoff)

BotBall (Andy Glass, Andrew Taylor, Ned Burns, Corey Hebert)

Multiple Roombas (Max Pflueger, Carl Nygaard, Kyle Roberts)

Hamsterbot (Scott Triglia)

Barbie Jeep (Whitney Buchanan, Robin Schriebman, Jonathan Beall)

The Roomba Printer (Pyry Matikainen, Craig Weidert, and Kevin Zielnicki)

The Laserfiche ER1 (Adam Field and Stephen Smith)

Beyond Botball (Faith Dang, Peter Mawhorter, and Eduardo Ruvalcaba)
AIBO documentation part 1
AIBO documentation part 2

Another Beyond Botball (James Osburn, Tyler Brown, Micah Lamdin)

Using the Wii (Lilia Markham)