Geoff Kuenning's Extracurricular Interests

When not computing, I enjoy musical pursuits, notably singing and playing the piano and timpani, and used to be the program annotator for the Symphony of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. My program notes are available via the Web for interested persons.

I also enjoy bicycling. I have created a useful Web site that helps people design optimal bicycle gearing.

Sailing Links

I also used to sail, though I don't any more due to lack of time. Here are some (very outdated) sailing-related links that I have put together:


I haven't done much in online cycling (*grin*), but I did once manage to rebuild and repair a Shimano Deore DX shifter and have posted a detailed description of the process.


I also do a bit of photography. I have no talent, but I have written a few scripts useful with digital cameras. I've also whipped up a couple of do-it-yourself projects that others may find interesting. And I wrote a cheat sheet for the Sigma EF-500 DG Super that's available in both A4 and letter formats.

Random Stuff

This stuff is here just so Google can find it:

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