A now-traditional party thrown on WithdrawDay? (previously DropDay?) of every semester. Includes BouncyCastle?, FunBallPit in the HotTub, lots and lots of candy, a cotton candy machine, and music that lets you dance for four hours straight (if you have the energy). Also involved kegs of root beer for root beer floats. Recently it has also involved FruitSmoothies. Now goes for 4 hours instead of for 10, as it apparently has in the past.

In the past, has been thrown by FunBallSuite.

At least one GiantStuffedAnimal has also graced (at least the first two) FunBallParties.

MarissaAnderson has some cool pictures from the last party on her website, if by "last" we mean "almost first".

See FunBallMusic for (recent) past playlists. This monolith link takes you to a folder containing downloads for past Fun Ball playlists: http://monolith.st.hmc.edu/storage/Audio/Music/Mudd/

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