Glass is cool.

He's a Pitzer classics/history professor who did his undergraduate at Pomona and now teaches Greece and Rome, Greek Art and Archaeology, and Greek Mythology. Probably more classes too. It's entirely possible (and recommended) to have a Hum concentration in Glassics.

He's fond of saying things like "Back when I was in college, in the Neolithic era...". He also will give you pointers on where to go when (not if) you visit Greece, as well as which wines to avoid.

Contrary to popular belief, not all hum classes at Pitzer are easy. Courses taught ProfessorGlass tend to be excellent counter-examples. He's a great professor who knows a lot and expects quality work. The particular class I took (ClassicalMythology?) was extraordinarily interesting, but you could only get an A if you were also taking no more than one other class.

It should be noted that ProfessorGlass is quite good with puns.

NeedsRewriting (Esteban has a ton of quotes hidden somewhere...)

Is unfortunately retiring this year (2011).

I won't bore you with the details .... I'm perfectly capable of doing so, but I won't.

 DuctTapeGuy (after class): I note the Romans have been winning lately with un-Cannae skill
 ProfessorGlass: Ah!  I don't have to put up with that!
 ChainMaille (minute later): Yeah, the lack of those [translations for Gallic writings] must be really Gaul-ling
 ProfessorGlass: *facefault* Aaaa!  No more!

...leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus... who could probably use a martini on a cold night.

Everybody likes this stuff... it's kind of fun if you don't have to take a test on it.

[on Pomona orientation ideology] It's engaging bull. *pause* Like mythology itself!

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