Former EastDormProctor. MathBio major. Currently in Brazil on her WatsonFellowship. Dances (and dances and dances some more... wheee! DanceDanceDance?!). Fell to the DarkSide in RichardGarfinkel's StarWars RPG campaign, and plans to haunt the rest of the group whenever possible. Has a history of dating VideoGame addicts such as NateCappallo, ConorMcNassar and DanPederson? (not all at once). StarCrack junkie. Eternal RoomMate of ZajjDaugherty. Poking her is a GoodIdea; just ask Richard or Clay. BawMahNow That took WAY too long. BawMahNow

website: http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~tmartin/ aim: tyrilain

TaraMartin is fabulous and sexy and has no ligaments in her hips.

"I would be willing to bed katie's got the job now"


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