Link to the SFUSD MyCS curriculum (2018)

Link to the SFUSD MyCS curriculum (2017)

Link to the HMC MyCS curriculum (2016)

MyCS: Middle-years Computer Science

Everyone should believe that "CS is something people like me do." (It's the truth.)

Entitled Middle Years Computer Science, or "MyCS" for short, Harvey Mudd College’s online CS curriculum is designed for classrooms ranging from middle to early high school. Our goal: to provide engaging, accessible, and easy-to-use content to middle-years teachers, who can implement the content in their classroom using their own specific pedagogical adaptations of activities and exercises.

Since the projects' inception in 2010, the curriculum has continued to reach broader audiences of teachers and their students through regular summer workshops. Now, we've turned an eye toward reaching a global classroom by developing our curriculum into a MOOC, now live in two versions:an 18-week and 6-week course. Both are linked from the Curriculum tab.

We believe that every middle-years student should be able to confidently say that “CS is something that people like me can do,” and that the smartest way to reach those students is through the instructors who know them best. We hope to continue to empower teachers of all backgrounds to bring computational thinking to their classrooms.

This project is sponsored in part by NSF award #1240939