At the core of our project is the MyCS curriculum. Comprised of six units, alternating between conceptual background and programming applications in computer science, this semester-long curriculum is designed to be highly adaptable.

Teachers using these materials should not feel restricted to following the recommended ordering or structure of these six units. Perhaps the entirety of the curriculum is a good fit for your class, or perhaps only one unit or even one activity. We are delighted if you find your students engage with computing through any of the MyCS (or other) materials!

MyCS Online Curriculum    MyCS 2015 is now online at    www.muddx.com

  • login:    muddxguest@gmail.com
  • passwd:   welcometomuddx

MyCS Offline Curriculum    (New in '15)    All MyCS materials are available from

MyCS's EdX Course    is available here. (This is 6, instead of 18, weeks.)

Older versions    The MyCS 2013 handout materials are in a single zip file here or individually here.