The DormCheese is responsible for purchasing good cheese (Unlike ScaryCheese) to be enjoyed by the dorm during DormBarbecue.

Past EDCs:

 19-20 BenBracker, AustinFroelich, and AdamWalker or EdwardJacobs
 18-19 EllieByrnes, BenBracker, and AelyAronoff
 17-18 AliKhan, CeciliaHolodak/CedarBirch?, and EllieByrnes

Archive (Warning: Out of date content below!)

The DormCheese (currently MattRichman) provides fine cheeses at the barbecue (because Platt doesn't) and also occasionally in the lounge. If you have a cheese Emergency, you can drop by the dorm cheese room (East 101 for 2006-2007) and get your fix. You can vote on what cheeses are bought at the VoteForCheese wiki node.

Current cheeses in stock:

 Monterey Jack
 Sharp Chedder
 Extra Sharp Chedder
 A very nice Italian cheese I forgot the name of.

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