List of open (and some recently-completed) tasks to be accomplished regarding FunWiki:

Images to-do: The list below is an inventory of the images that are used on FunWiki that are not stored with the FunWiki database. Some of them have gone missing, so replacements should be found or the image should be removed from the page. Some of them are still good links, but if the images should stay with FunWiki, then the image file should perhaps be stored with it, so that the image doesn't become broken later. Note: This list was compiled about a month ago, and so some information in it may already be out of date.

Images are Missing:

Images Should Perhaps be Stored Locally:

(The above list is mostly my personal todo-list, but I'm posting it here so that others can add to it, comment on it, and possibly help out. --MichaelVrable)

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