To not be is clearly ThoughtCrime?. Now, no DoubleSpeak? out of you.

"Oh, I'm never done because you have to be naked, you have to be SO naked... and I mean, you gotta be really naked!" - CubanJon?

A group of EastDorm folk put together a little audio clip of miscellaneous people saying "you have to be naked" in order to mind control miss SeemaPatel in her sleep. Some folks involved include AriNieh, BretHutchinson, MatthewFluet?, KimEspinoza, MarcyLaViollette, KevinEustice, NickJohnson, MattBrubeck, Ozzie, RobAdams, RoyShea, RyanHaskett?, and of course CubanJon?.

Here it is (.ogg file) - [AudioFile]

Featured on the Spring 2008 FunBallParty playlist. Because we could.

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