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Also goes by Alexis "refereshingly cool" Nast. Can be contacted at avhnforever at gmail dot com or via AIM username avhn.

Is allegedly silly, but denies this vehemently. Is actually big and spiky. And scary. Terrifying, really.

Is a ScrippSie, class of Fall 2009, which means she's graduated! She majored in neuroscience, survived ochem, loves her research, and took a lot of hum classes for some reason. She knits compulsively, the more complicated the pattern the more fun. She is cuddly and giggly and working on being less stressed out. She likes to bake when given time and/or an excuse. Her current favorites are lavender shortbread and strawberry ginger muffins, but she hopes to learn how to make fruit scones soon.

Lived in BitterSuite with BrianaKonigsberg, JenniferTownsend, KatherineErickson, AjaSenestraro, and other awesome ScrippSies during the 2007-2008 school year. Spent summers living with BrianaKonigsberg, MariaLuca, and other excellent Scrippsies. Lived with a cool non-east Scrippsie her junior year. She had a single in GJW for her last semester, which was awesome. She now resides in Seattle and has only one residence which has a Real Room, which is pretty excellent. Please come visit! Email is best contact method: avhnforever at gmail dot com.

Was ProctorOfVice for a year and a half.

Eastmas 2006 she was voted "Dorm Pad" and "Dorm Stimulant." For her efforts, she received a brake pad and cat nip Eastmas 2007 she was voted "Dorm Loopy" and got a pink loopy boa thing.


KissiWebNeighbors: This list is ridiculously incomplete, add yourself if you want to and it's true.

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