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19-20 MariaCroom and EricCorona

The DormOssifer charged with dragging people out of their rooms to play sports. A somewhat thankless job, but kind of fun. You also get to spend dorm athletics money.

 97-98 Dave and Joey (right?) 
 98-99 JohnWalseth (he thinks - i also think [occasionally])
 99-00 WesTurner?
 00-01 ElizabethReynolds
 01-02 RachelGabor
 02-03 EdMiller
 03-04 BillHewitt
 04-05 MichaelPugh?
 05-06 TracyBackes?
 06-07 CamiloBrokaw (elected) / MatthewLawson (actual)
 07-08 AlexHagen
 08-09 RyanMuller
 09-10 TarunNarayan
 10-11 CoreyLoescher
 11-12 DavidLingenbrink
 12-13 BryanVisser
 13-14 DavidScott
 14-15 JoziMcKiernan
 15-16 CaitlinCash
 16-17 AdamDunlap
 17-18 BenLehman
 18-19 BenLehman and MariaCroom
 19-20 MariaCroom and EricCorona

One of the most important reasons for the existence of the DormJock is to make sure that people play IntramuralSports?. One would think that this would be an easy job. In fact, I've found it often feels like persuading 5 - 15 individuals to allow a dentist to pull one tooth from each of the said individuals, without anesthetic. It's really not that bad, people. In fact, EastDorm (thanks to the FrOsh), have actually been winning games this year.

Another important function of the DormJock is to spend the $200/year that we are allotted for "sporting equipment" such as the highly illegal nerf guns now in the East Dorm Jock Arsenal. Another key duty is the maintenance and ensuring availability of said arsenal.

I hope to see everyone at at least one IM game next year.

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