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If you notice this page, and add your name as a minor edit, you are NOT a FailFrosh. If you screw up and add your name without marking it correctly, you fail. I will add the tag FailFrosh to your page. ArenOlson has already failed.

JasonWinerip is not failing right now. He normally is.

KevinOelze never fails.

DuctTapeGuy is awesome. Everything he does is always a Success, ESPECIALLY the Fails.

MaxGibiansky does not fail at funwiki when it is summer and he is bored.

MattKeeter does not fail. Usually.

AndrewFarmer does not fail, either.

MartinPyne does not fail. Except for EMO.

AdamField failed on his first funwikiwhore page, too. True story. He learned his lesson after that one, though.

ArenOlson feels that this is overkill, and thus adds himself, to null effect

ChrisFerguson does not fail. But he does lose the Game.

KwangKetcham rolls a 1 and critically fails to fail.

MacKenzieStuart always tickies a ticky box when one is available.

SkyeBerghel does not fail (although she came very close for one class and is VeryBitter about it).

CaitlinJacques performs a control check, loses, then burns a willpower to not fail.

KevinOelze, though, as noted above, does not fail, is curious if this crop of frosh will.

At least one of them does not. This would be true if he actually added his name to this edit.

BenjAzose liked this game better when it was called WikiWhore.

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