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DonNy (StephenVonderPorten?) : "Who's in the tank?"
DonNy (StevenVonderPorten) : "Who's in the tank?"

HaloNight, that magical night, where a bunch of us take over the three big screens of the Galileo lecture halls and some projector in a room (usually B152 or Big Beckman). Usually we warm up with some free for alls and wait for the full contingent of 16 to show up, then we pick teams and play some oddball, ctf, slayer, &tc.
Next HaloNight:

     8:00 PM to 4:00 AM
     Galileo/CS room (number?)
     Followed by a trip to DoughnutMan.

From HaloNight, we have compiled a list of "memorable quotes" for each person. These are chosen based upon several criteria: Regularity of use (See Yu), memorability of use (see DonNy), and, well, it's actually just those two things. Right. The Quotes:

DonNy (StevenVonderPorten) : "Who's in the tank?"

T (TylerBrown?) : "Where's my flank protection?!?"

Cabal (MichaelMaindi) : "The teams are unbalanced."

AntiWank? (JoshSinanan) : "Somebody pick up the flag."

Logan5 (LoganGordon) : "stuck, bitch!"

Yu aka TheWank (StephenYu) : "FUUUUuuuck! ... mannnzz"

Drewdler (AndrewKouzelos) : "Leibnitz ... nyaaaah, aaaaah"

Jimmy J (JamesOsburn) : "EVERYONEDEFEND"

Legolas (GregSandstrom) : ::knocks over table:: "I'm going rock climbing"

Macavenger (EricBerglund) : "Do you think I'm better with the plasma pistol?"

Yalu (ArthurHall) : ::Giggles Hysterically::

Walk Man aka Wok Man aka Joaq Man (JoaquinNagle) : "Bwaaaaah! .... Snooch^nooch"

Spyhunter (JamesDarpinian?) : "How did you kill me?"

This list is by no means exhaustive of the individuals who show up or the funny / characteristic stuff they say. If I messed up on a last name or prefered character name, go ahead and correct it, and leave a note saying something like "Greg, you're an idiot".

There is a full list of HaloFrosh.

At the end of Halo Night is the DoughnutMan run, which may or may not include a DoughnutAward. At the end of HaloNight is this sentence.

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