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HamsterBob is a self-proclaimed genius. He is objectively good at everything that exists that is important to be good at except for a few things which we won't bother mentioning here. Except he has no friends and cries himself to sleep at night. Quietly.

He likes to play video games, board games, card games, tabletop games, and other games. He even makes his own games sometimes. He is too lazy, however, to send out an e-mail to gaming-l to try to set up a Diplomacy game, and has not yet been able to join a Settlers or Citadel game; he also has trouble finding anyone to play most any video game other than SuperSmashBrothersMelee. But now he can play some ClashOfNinja?, too, which is awesome :-).

Magic Decks: Black Mostly-zombies, Bad Black Multiplayer Control, Awesome Elementals, Lots-of-saprolings-and-some-elves,-too, Goblins-R-Us, Multiplayer Oros White, Green/Red? Splice Aggro, Blue/Green? Combo, Merieke Ri Berit EDH, Intet, the Dreamer EDH.

He did cross-country for CMS and is doing Track in the spring. He is faster than you, unless you're not actually in East.

He did not take the purity test, unfortunately, because he was sleeping. Then he took it later.

He is rooming with ScottAlmond in East 125.

Got a 92.2% on the PurityTest.

He likes long walks through the forest and candlelit cheesecake dinners.

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