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You might need KaijuBooska and his SlideRule to help you get through SummerMath.

It's a trap!

In SummerMath, you will learn a lot of cool stuff, such including CylindricalCoordinates.

SummerMath is a 6-week long, intensive program in which the unwitting participants can complete any subset of Maths 61(Multi-V II), 62(ProbStat?), 63(LinAl? II) and 64 (DE's II). It is often pursued by Engineers and others who might have otherwise inflexible schedules, as it opens up (up to) 6 credits of scheduling during SophoMore year. Rising Juniors have also been known to take SummerMath if they didn't take one (or more) of the classes during their SophoMore year.

In the summer of 2010, SummerMath was changed into a three-week program due to the changes in core. Courses were Math 62(ProbStat?) and Math 64A (Differential Equations and Lin Al II). Class started at 8:45, ended at noon. Followed the same pattern as mentioned below, though I'm not sure if it was a week's homework in two days or a week's homework in one day. ProfessorSu taught Math 62 with particular emphasis on proper punctuation. ProfessorJacobsen and ProfessorOrrison taught Math 64A (Prof. Orrison handled Lin Al II the first week, Prof. Jakes finished the last two weeks with DEs).

The food at the Hoch is a joke.

Generally a day as a SummerMather goes something like: wake up for 9:00 class, be in class until noon, eat lunch, do homework, eat dinner, do homework, sleep. Expect a week's worth of homework in 2 days.

If you are a bad ProCrastinator?, realize that SummerMath might drive you NoisilyInsane. Think very hard about whether you want to do it or not.


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