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* Definitely do not the-wikify quotes pages or GroupStories?. It would weird me out a lot.

A definite article. Perhaps the definite article. ;)

...waits for the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi to 4774x0|2...

See Also: NearlyEmptyPages Damn you all! wow, that was fast!

Oh, this can't end well. Check the backlinks. i am awesome... i guess i can take credit now... --NickJohnson

I hate you all so very, very much. --RichardGarfinkel

Please do Not wikify the 'the' on the following pages:

Okay, folks, poll time. Should this page and all links to it be removed? --RichardGarfinkel

Okay, seeing as how the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi is the only one who wants to get rid of this page and I hate Nazis, especially those of the NearlyEmptyPages variety, this page will stay.

Very well. The Squirreloid shall escape judgement this time, but beware you who would create more NearlyEmptyPages! [insert EvilLaugh here]

Whoa. Since when was the NearlyEmptyPagesNazi alone in this? This is an abomination, man. --a WikiWhore

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