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::::: SontagFrosh. -- SkyeBerghel
* This line previously read "the Treason : HaloFrosh :: SuiteBetrayal : SuiteVengeance meta-analogy", which also works. (All this has happened before, etc.)

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Treason was a FourDimensionalSuite consisting of FrOsh of the class of 2010. Astoundingly, TreaSon was a ThreeDimensionalSuite for the 2007-2008 year, spanning across EastDorm 102/104/106/108.

Its members include:


In 2007-2008, was divided into physical suites Crime (Just/Young, Ketcham/van Schaardenburg) and Punishment (Berler/Chen, Keller/Sauro).

Thanks to Berler trying to get the suite ready for TreaSon at the beginning of the year, the rooms were effectively named T (Just/Young), R (Ketcham/van Schaardenburg), S (Berler/Chen), and N (Keller/Sauro).

In their junior year, Treason split into an Atwood colony consisting of Young/Just + Keller/Sauro, and a Sontag colony consisting of vanSchaardenburg/Chen + Berler/Ketcham.

In their senior year, Treason and associates took over SontagDorm's first floor in the SontagFirstFloorTreasonClusterFuck.

Someone more knowledgeable than I should talk about the TreaSon : SuiteBetrayal :: HaloFrosh : SuiteVengeance meta-analogy... --BobChen

This grand game of life you think you play in fact plays you. To that I say... Let the games begin! --VictorNefarius?
Actually, you can add SontagFrosh : TreaSon to that analogy too, now...
So who are our successors? --a SuiteBetrayal member
TimeSuckXIII? I'm not sure, but you guys should have figured it out last year before you all left.
SontagFrosh. -- SkyeBerghel

Runs StarCrack and QuaCk? on Saturday nights.

Phrases coined:


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