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KaijuBooska does not live in WestDorm

A dorm neighboring EastDorm. Frequently plays good techno and is generally undervisited by EastiePersons.

No longer in possession of BrideOfPinbot. Currently in possession of BrideOfPinbot's cash box...and massive quantities of alcohol!

(Currently in possession of BrideOfPinbot. But who is reading this anyway?)

Top quality source of CorruptAndEvil?. Heartily endorsed by BenZeckel

also much more entertaining late at night than east. fires, drinking, and big games of pictionary around the whiteboard/table in the lounge. and more, but i can't remember anything else right now. also heartily endorsed by LucasBaker

With full support of EastDormProctor-elect and ProctorOfVice, how can you go wrong?



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