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 \title{FunWiki Bio}



 AaronGable first became a frosh at Mudd in the year 2008, and continued to be
 one for the next $n$ years. Upon arrival, he believed that he might be an
 Engineer, or perhaps a Physicist. Upon further consideration (and classes with
 ProfessorRan and ProfessorDodds) he declared a CS/Math? JointMajor at the beginning 
 of his SophoMore (i.e. second FreshMan) year. He is a CS* grutor. He dated 
 KathrynLingel for over 2 years starting right after the Frosh Physics Test.
 During Spring semester of his Junior year, studied abroad in Budapest at both
 BSM and AIT. After graduation, he spent three months celebrating and then began
 work at Google as a software engineer for Chrome Infrastructure.


 Aaron's interests include(d): 

   \item Reading (sci-fi / fantasy)
   \item Singing (choral / a capella)
   \item Dancing (ballroom - blues / salsa)
   \item Computers
   \item TV Shows:
     \item DoctorWho (and spinoffs)
     \item StarGate?
     \item The WestWing?
     \item StarTrek
     \item Anime - whatever EricAleshire foists off on me
   \item Games:
     \item DungeonsAndDragons, and lots of it
     \item DragonAge?
     \item MassEffect?
     \item Random Steam games, mostly RPGs and puzzle platformers.
     \item TableTop? games, whatever I can get my hands on.
   \item \LaTeX

   \item[Mycroft:] Desktop tower and hack server. Now upgraded to be a gaming
   \item[Monolith:] The second largest server on campus at the moment. It has
     been transferred to BenJohnson? and PeterAndrien? for safe-keeping.
   \item[Selene:] Lenovo ThinkPad? X201-T. Love it.
   \item[Wintermute:] Acer Aspire One netbook, used for taking \LaTeX notes
     in class.
   \item[EDI:] Custom 17TB server built to replace Monolith when it was left
     behind on campus.
   \item[\sout{Mychelle}:] HP Touchsmart tablet, used for taking notes in class.
     Has been sold to Pants.

   \item[Frosh Year] East 163 (top floor, back right corner), living with EricAleshire
   \item[SophoMore Year] TimeSuck XIII (top floor, front right corner), along
     with EricAleshire, BenJones, and SpencerTung.
   \item[Junior Year] Sontag 101C, aka The Oval Office, with fellow Sontag Presidents
     BenJones and TugBoat, and awesome frosh JackMa and JacobBandesStorch.
   \item[Junior Year, Abroad] In Budapest, while attending AIT. Was replaced by
   \item[Senior Year] Sontag 108C, with BriannaBlanchard?, RebeccaYoung, RachelSherman?,
     NajlaBulous?, and TeddyTheGayBunny?.
   \item[Post-Graduation] San Francisco, Mission district.

   \item Ran and was StoryTeller? of ItrGames for ~2 years.
   \item Has a weak PatriNumber of 3.
   \item Has a strong PatriNumber of 4.
   \item Has a WhedonNumber of 4
   \item Has a PurityTest score somewhere in the low 50s.
   \item Hangs on OctothorpeHMC whenever possible


 Add yourself!

   \item BobChen
   \item KathrynLingel

   That's not how KissiWeb works, frosh; it's opt in (unless you presumably obtained permission through other channels)
   Frosh understands how KissiWeb works; it's not hard to obtain verbal permission from someone you see most every day :P



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