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An alum from the class of 2011.

Finished up his MS at MIT's [Center for Bits and Atoms] in spring of 2013.

He is now an engineer at [Formlabs]. If you're in Cambridge / Boston, come say hi!

He has [many] [interesting] [web sites]! They might be more up-to-date than this page.

Matt is from Atlanta, Georgia. At Mudd, he has lived in the following places:

He likes:

He is entertained by MarkovQuotes.

He wants to know more about the NewReality.

Best known for cuddling in EastDormLounge with a different girl every night of the first week of his frosh year. This has led to the creation of the MattNumber, which is similar to a HelenNumber or ErdosNumber?, except it deals with people who have cuddled with Matthew.


He's fucking MattKeeter

He's fucking MattKeeter

"Professor Haskell? We're having an earthquake right now."

(to a person eating cheese) "Wait, are you vegan?"

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