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Like this one. Well, not anymore... Annoying, huh? Please avoid creating pages like this.

Actually, I don't really find it annoying. Of course, an additional aspect is that I might perhaps make this less annoying for someone else. Wow, I have the power to actually nullify this entire page. That's pretty cool. Granted, it might still suck, but it wouldn't suck for the same reason. It'd merely suck because I rambled on about absolutely meta-nothing. This is cool. But yeah, I'd say that NearlyEmptyPages are usually as worthwhile as GroupStoryTwo. It's juts random silliness that many perusers (is that a word?) of FunWiki are of the right mindset to enjoy. Even though I prefer the GroupStoryOne, GroupStoryThree, GroupStoryFour and GroupStoryFive more (well, maybe not three... it didn't really work, but it was interesting), I wouldn't say that number two isn't worth while. --NateCappallo

I have no problem with these pages, and I think you should ShutTheFuckUp. --KurtDresner

If that is your position, then view the NearlyEmptyPages tag as a badge of honor, and kindly ShutTheFuckUp yourself.-NearlyEmptyPagesNazi

The NearlyEmptyPagesNazi's guidelines for NearlyEmptyPages:

In general, new Wiki nodes should exist to provide some substantial content of at least a paragraph UNLESS:

Violating the guidelines may result in wanking from bitter alums or upperclassman.

See also: EmptyPages

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