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An EastiePerson who (nominally, at least) lives somewhere other than EastDorm.

There has been some attempt to classify by floor the EastiePersons who live in places other than EastDorm: thus, someone who lives in another dorm on Mudd might be a ThirdFloorEastie, someone who lives in a dorm on another Claremont college a FourthFloorEastie, someone who lives in Pasadena a ThirtiethFloorEastie?, and someone who lives on the East Coast a ThreeThousandthFloorEastie?. I believe the term ZerothFloorEastie? has also been proposed for people who live in EastDorm but are not EastiePersons.

During the TheCoronavirusExodusOf2020, everyone became 5th, 6th, and 7th floor easties. There is still debate about what floor EastiePersons in apartments in fall 2020 will inhabit.

Proposal: BasementEastie? for those who reside in East but are not part of East culture. It's less ambiguous than zeroth floor, since it is not a debatable matter whether EastDorm physically has a basement. -- ValeGlasser

I've heard a much more complete version that goes as follows (I assumed it was more universal):

- AdamField

Come on, I should get at least 8th for being in Oxford last semester -- you can't just bunch that in with someone who resides in Nevada. -PomonaJosh

Dude, it should totally be 8th for outside US, 9th for outside ANY country (i.e. living on a yacht in the Pacific ocean) and 10th floor for being off Earth (so any Mudd EastiePeople who go, say, into space become 10th floor easties). Or we could just call everyone an Nth-floor eastie.

i think we should start counting with ground level being ground, and upstairs being the first floor. like they do in many parts of Europe. Then SecondFloorEastie?s would refer to what we now call ThirdFloorEasties and confusion and chaos would rein! -MarkEphair

Or call the ground floor floor zero. Everyone knows (well, at least CS majors know) that counting starts at zero, not one. Assigning to $[ is not permitted. Then, ZerothFloorEastie?s would become (-1) floor Easties, or if unsigned quantities were used, something like a 4294967295-th floor Eastie. Appealing for some strange reason. --MichaelVrable (It's probably appealing because you're sick -MarkEphair (If by sick you mean sickeningly brilliant --JonathanBeall))

Out of curiosity...who actually understands the reference to $[? --MichaelVrable
I believe it's one of Perl's special variables, but I don't know which one. - ChainMaille
Not in the least. But I'm willing to laugh anyway. -KevinBergemann
ChainMaille is right, it's from Perl. "The index of the first element in an array, and of the first character in a substring. Default is 0, but you could theoretically set it to 1 to make Perl behave more like awk (or ForTran) when subscripting and when evaluating the index() and substr() functions. (Mnemonic: [ begins subscripts.)" The manpage also notes "Its use is highly discouraged." In my opinion that it exists at all is even a bit broken. But fun to know about. (Source: perldoc perlvar.)

Due to some generalized confusion on Schmack, ThirdFloorEastie must be understood to be both a specific term for those easties that reside on Mudd but not in east and a blanket term for all those who are not residing in east but who are members of the eastie community. This stated, I am a 5.5th floor eastie over the course of the last year. -PomonaJosh

Does living in Upland about 2 miles from campus count me as 5th or 6th floor? Upland is like Claremont, now with more ugly! -HilaryDavidson

Also note this is an...erm...floor function: if, for any reason, you can be interpreted as inhabiting more than one category, your floor is the lower of the two.

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