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|| I.3 || F 12:40p || Three is Company || ? ||
|| I.3 || F 12:40p || Three is Company || TrevinMurakami ||

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Lord of the Rings begins: F 10:00a

Book When Chapter Reader
I.1 F 10:07a Prologue + A Long-Expected Party MichaelBraly
I.2 F 11:43a The Shadow of the Past JoshuaRay
I.3 F 12:40p Three is Company TrevinMurakami
I.4 F 1:30p A Short Cut to Mushrooms Susan Tan
I.5 F 1:58p A Conspiracy Unmasked Scott Rayermann
I.6 F 2:22p The Old Forest MattRichman
I.7 F 2:55p In the House of Tom Bombadil AnnJohnston
I.8 F 3:25p Fog on the Barrow-Downs DanMoore
I.9 F 3:57p At the Sign of the Prancing Pony MichaelVrable
I.10 F 4:30p Strider ProfessorLynn?
I.11 F 5:01p A Knife in the Dark CoreyLoescher
I.12 F 5:55p Flight to the Ford Jessie Roy
II.1 F 6:35p Many Meetings ProfessorLynn?
II.2 F 7:24p The Council of Elrond AnnJohnston
II.3 F 8:49p The Ring Goes South EricLangman
II.4 F 9:47p A Journey in the Dark MattRichman
II.5 F 10:53p The Bridge of Khazad-Dum John Bremseth
II.6 F 11:25p Lothlorien DanMoore
II.7 S 12:14a The Mirror of Galadriel Cory Evans-Klock
II.8 S 12:52a Farewell to Lorien Sam Meyer
II.9 S 1:27a The Great River Sam Meyer
II.10 S 2:04a The Breaking of the Fellowship LauraPoindexter?
S 2:34a -break-
III.1 S 8:05a The Departure of Boromir LauraPoindexter?
III.2 S 8:23a The Riders of Rohan Maria Morabe
III.3 S 9:21a The Uruk-Hai Maria Morabe
III.4 S 10:10a Treebeard MattRichman
III.5 S 11:35a The White Rider MattRichman
III.6 S 12:26p The King of the Golden Hall Jessie Roy
III.7 S 1:13p Helm's Deep AnnJohnston
III.8 S 1:52p The Road to Isengard CoreyLoescher
III.9 S 2:38p Flotsam and Jetsam BenKeller
III.10 S 3:21p The Voice of Saruman KarenBeaty
III.11 S 3:52p The Palantír Snowy
IV.1 S 4:26p The Taming of Sméagol CoreyLoescher
IV.2 S 5:13p The Passage of the Marshes KarenBeaty
IV.3 S 5:57p The Black Gate is Closed Cory Evans-Klock
IV.4 S 6:29p Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit KarenBeaty
IV.5 S 7:10p The Window on the West AaronPribadi
IV.6 S 8:10p The Forbidden Pool KarenBeaty
IV.7 S 8:38p Journey to the Crossroads Kim Kilday
IV.8 S 9:02p The Stairs of Cirith Ungol DanMoore
IV.9 S 9:36p Shelob's Lair HelenFitzmaurice
IV.10 S 10:08p The Choices of Master Samwise Lindsey Cook
V.1 S 10:45p Minas Tirith BenKeller
V.2 S 11:51p The Passing of the Grey Company ProfessorLynn?
V.3 U 12:37a The Muster of Rohan CoreyLoescher
V.4 U 1:16a The Siege of Gondor AaronPribadi
V.5 U 2:21a The Ride of the Rohirrim BenKeller
U 2:43a -break-
V.6 U 8:38a The Battle of the Pelennor Fields LauraPoindexter?
V.7 U 9:06a The Pyre of Denethor LauraPoindexter?
V.8 U 9:25a The Houses of Healing Jessie Roy
V.9 U 9:59a The Last Debate Jessie Roy
V.10 U 10:27a The Black Gate Opens DanMoore
VI.1 U 10:52a The Tower of Cirith Ungol Cory Evans-Klock
VI.2 U 11:41a The Land of Shadow DanMoore
VI.3 U 12:20p Mount Doom DanMoore
VI.4 U 12:56p The Field of Cormallen KarenBeaty
VI.5 U 1:22p The Steward and the King LauraPoindexter?
VI.6 U 1:57p Many Partings AnnJohnston
VI.7 U 2:35p Homeward Bound Cory Evans-Klock
VI.8 U 3:04p The Scouring of the Shire Matthew Toal and Matt Johnson
VI.9 U 4:18p The Grey Havens Chris Mankos

Lord of the Rings ends: U 4:44p

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