~~ Moments of Haven ~~
AC198 Part I

de natura amicitiae
On the nature of friendship.  Heero can be such a literal-minded fella sometimes.

Mistaken Assumptions
Heero and Duo don't actually show up in this fic, but they're certainly talked about.

Moving Forward
Something they did while on tour.

Lean On Me
Duo, Heero, and Relena near the end of their colony tour.

No Place Like Home
Well, they aren't quite home yet, but they're getting there.

A Week at HQ
Woohoo, another pointless title.  Still not quite home -- the guys have to spend a week or so at HQ first.

Settling In
Phew, finally back in Haven.  This is only the first day, though.

Girl Talk
Relena, honey, we feel your pain.

Day Trip
Lena, Duo, and Ms. S take off on a little trip while Heero stays home with Ami.

Conspiracy Theory
If the preceding fics have been my body of evidence, then this is my closing argument.

Behind Closed Doors
And here the jury deliberates.  to quote suzuhara-san, 'i'm so nervous!  what if i messed up?'  but here we go.  i warn you, it's all talk and no action.  can you handle it?  happy 100th (!!) fic and two year anniversary to me.

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