~~ Moments of Haven ~~
AC198 Part II

Puppies From Hell
Tears from heaven, puppies from hell... yeah.  right.  Duo POV.

Finding a Hobby
In which our boys find some new hobbies.  Duh.

de natura amoris
On the nature of love.  Duo takes a moment to try to figure out their relationship.

Zero Tolerance
In which we take a little trip into Heero's mind.  Be prepared.  Be very prepared.

One Weekend in April
Because math can be sexy, Relena can be a fangirl, Heero can be such a sweetie, and Latin derivatives can be romantic.

Alas, Poor Fred, I Knew Him
Don't you hate it when your hard drive crashes?

Good Neighbor Day
In which we celebrate a variation on Mother's Day.

TV on a Friday Night
What they talked about as they watched TV on a Friday night.  Yes, these were actually shows I watched last week.

Poetry in Motion
Heero and Duo work well together.

Inspiration and Perspiration
Kinda short, but it's got a little fluff, a little eyecandy, and a little sweet lovin'.  What more do you really need?

Coming Out of the Kitchen
You know, like coming out of the closet?  But only the kitchen.  Erm, yeah.

The Look
A number of interesting looks are exchanged.

Random injection of mild angst, mainly through gratuitous use of the word 'sometimes'.

Things Undone
Continuing along in their investigation.

Okay, Now It's Personal
...for lack of a better title.  This chapter is pretty much totally gratuitous and pointless, but I thought I'd do it anyway.

On the Wagon
Some more quiet, uncomfortable moments.

Nope, nothing resolved here, either.

So Close, Yet So Far
Six long hours to wait.

In Cocoa Veritas
Truth at the bottom of the hot cocoa mug.

Compulsive Maturity
Heero does a little talking, and Ami learns a few new vocabulary words.

Whee, ellipses overflow!  Because finding the right words isn't always easy.  And once they've been found, saying them isn't always easy, either.

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