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Course schedule

1.Jan 16 Introduction
2.Jan 23 Themes of the course
Readings to be handed out in class
John Storey "Popular music"
Simon Frith "Genre rules"
Marc Levinson "It's an MTV world"
Craig Watkins "Selling out: hip hop culture and white pleasure"
Andrew Ross "The gangsta and the diva"
3.Jan 30 Dancehall culture, music, politics and performance
N. Stolzoff, chapters 1-2
4.Feb 6 N. Stolzoff, chapters 3-4
5.Feb 13 N. Stolzoff, chapters 5-6
6.Feb 20 N. Stolzoff, chapters 7 and 8
***Book review for N. Stolzoff due***
7.Feb 27 Post war Black music and the Black public sphere
M. Neal, chapters 1 and 2
8.Mar 6 M. Neal, chapters 3 and 4
9.Mar 20 ***Book review due for M. Neal***
M. Neal, chapters 5 and 6
10.Mar 27 Hip hop culture
T. Rose, chapters 1-3
**Mar 31 Conference: The Black Public sphere and hip hop
Attendance mandatory
11.Apr 3 T. Rose, chapters 4-5
12.Apr 10 ***Book review for T. Rose due***
The roots to the routes of dance music
M. Collin and J. Godfrey, chapters prologue, 1-4
13.Apr 17 M. Collin and J. Godfrey, chapters 5-8
14.Apr 24 ***Book review for M. Collin and J. Godfrey due***
***You may also do the review on N. Stolzoff***
15.May 1 ***projects and extra credit work due***
Class project presentations
16.May 7 @ 2:00pm Class presentations in exam week (if necessary)
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