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*note* If your name appears incorrectly or you wish to add a title to your project, e-mail me with the correction.

For those students who provided a web site for their final projects, the title is a link to their web site.

24 April 2001
Times Group Title
6:30pm Beau DeLange -
6:45pm Stephanie Nikolopoulos Christian Hip-Hop
7:00pm Dorian Bunker-Pardo and Chris Snipes Presentation of a Taped Radio Show Documenting Rap's History
7:20pm Kate Gasparrelli Candy Raving: Genderization
7:35pm Break -
7:50pm Shyam Iyer Jazz
8:00pm Scott Stern History of House (turntable presentation)
8:15pm Sarah McPhearson Female Article
8:30pm Katherine Smyth Police Brutality and Music
8:45pm Amy Kaufman -
9:00pm Mia Parsons -
9:15pm Nigel Shar Hip Hop and the Recording Industry
9:30pm Zach Putnam Pimp/Gangsta Imagery in Rap
9:45pm Leah Albert Rasta and Reggae
1 May 2001
Times Group Title
6:30pm Evan Kuluk Glamrock and Gender
6:45pm Kirsten Price and Amy Warder Clubs, Gender, and Hip-Hop
7:05pm Sarah Harling Social Commentary in Punk Music
7:20pm Katie Loewen Jazz and Civil Rights
7:35pm Break -
7:45pm Stephen Piacentini Art in Hip-Hop
8:00pm Liz, Patrick, Rose, and Wendy Common Sense
8:15pm Joanne Cuevas Women in Music
8:30pm Tim Schlafer Spoken Word
9:00pm Jake Neff Motown
9:15pm Brandon Channels Decolonization of Rock Music
9:30pm Matt Hermsen and Khary Espy Freestyle
9:45pm Ashanti Smalls -
10:00pm Arthi Subramanian Local Independent Music Scene/Industry
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