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Welcome to the Sociology of Popular Music

2 May 2001
Student web pages have been added to the final projects page under the respective project titles.
27 April 2001
Minor changes to the final projects page have been made.
20 April 2001
The times for the final projects have been posted. Also, the presentations will last up till 10:00pm-10:15pm, so keep your next two Tuesday evenings open.
13 April 2001
The assignments page has been updated for the remainder of the semester and a book reviews page has been added to host those reviews that Prof. Basu finds exemplary. Also, 8 copies of Altered state: the story of ecstasy and acid house are on reserve in the Marquis Library at Pitzer and those who wish can obtain extra credit by writing a review of the conference, of music, of current issues, etc. Talk with Prof. Basu for more details regarding the extra credit.
3 April 2001
Three new songs inspired by discussions at the Black Public Sphere conference have been added to the music page.
31 March 2001
Now that the Black Public Sphere conference has ended, share your comments and opinions about the speakers in the forums!
29 March 2001
The book report for Black Noise by Tricia Rose is now due 10 April 2001. The assignments page has been updated to reflect this change. Also, do not forget to show up this Saturday for the Black Public Sphere conference!
20 March 2001
The web site for Hip Hop and Rap: Redefining the Black Public Sphere is now online.
10 March 2001
Lyrics have been added to the music page and some major back end web site work has been done to enhance its responsiveness.
7 March 2001
The forums are now fully operational. There was a small problem that prevent users from posting to the forums that has now been eradicated.
6 March 2001
The Sociology 71 web page has been moved to a new web site to facilitate future media content and student projects. Please update your bookmarks to point to the new address.
21 February 2001
A News and Announcements Forum has been added and the descriptions for all forums have been modified. So, please read a forum's description before making a post, to ensure the post is relevant to that forum. Also, many minor aspects of the web pages and the forums have been updated.
17 February 2001
Shyam is selling a used copy of What the music said by Mark Anthony Neal for 15 dollars. If you are interested in purchasing this book, contact him at
15 February 2001
Clicking on the book titles on the syllabus page will now take you to a purchase page on Barnes and Nobles online instead of, by class request.
14 February 2001
Happy Valentine's Day! A few changes to the site have taken place: The course assignments page has been revised to reflect the current pace of the classes. An about page was added which contains the class photo as well as a brief course description. A link to the Black Public Sphere conference was added on the links page.
2 February 2001
This is the official web site for the Sociology of Popular Music (SOC71) course offered at Pitzer college. Use the links on the left side of screen to explore the site.
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