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Sites selected by Prof. Basu: Sites that made this web page a reality:
  • Harvey Mudd College for providing me with DNS resolution for my website and an incredible education!
  • Charl Botha for providing the buildpage script which automates my webpage maintenance.
  • Daniel Sundberg for writing which inspired me to create a similar utility for my online photo album.
  • Joel Rosen for writing XMLBoard which powers the forums on this website.
  • Charles Hastings who has helped me with my Linux box and given me some ideas for my webpage.
  • Richard McKnight for providing the server for this website and the time to keep it running smoothly ;-)
  • Linux for offering a superior operating system for free and exemplifying the open source initiative.
  • Slackware by far the most stable and configurable Linux distribution currently available.
  • Jed the smallest and fastest programming/text editor for Linux.
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