Courses Previously Approved for Study Abroad Transfer

Note: Inclusion in this list does not guarantee that a future edition of a given course will be approved for transfer credit.

Also note that these lists are not exhaustive; many institutions do not appear here, and even at the schools listed below there may be other courses that we would accept for transfer credit, especially as electives. When in doubt, ask!

AIT Budapest (Hungary)
Number Title Substitutes for
Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics Elective (1.5 credits)
Algorithms and Data Structures CS 140
Applied Cryptography Elective
Combinatorial Optimization Elective
Computational Biology and Medicine Elective
Computer Graphics CS 155
Computer Vision Applications for Digital Cinema Elective
Data Mining, Parts 1 & 2 Elective
Graph Theory Elective
Mobile Software Design Elective
Quantum Probability and Quantum Logic Elective
Scalable Systems and Development Processes Elective (1.5 credits)
Semantic and Declarative Technologies Elective
Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks Elective
Theory of Computing CS 81
User Interface Design Elective (1.5 credits)
The following AIT courses are not transferable for CS credit:
IT Entrepreneurship
Design Workshop
DIS Copenhagen
Artificial Intelligence CS 151
Computational Analysis of Big Data Elective
Game Development Lab Elective
Game Development: Programming and Practice Elective
The following DIS courses are not transferable for CS credit:
Rhetoric of Gaming and its Cultural Impact
Online Surveillance, Privacy, and Cybersecurity
Trinity College Dublin
CS3021/3421 Computer Architecture II CS 136
University College London
COMP207P Compilers CS 132
University of Cape Town (South Africa)
CSC3002F Elective
University of Edinburgh (Scotland)
Number Title Substitutes for
INFR09009 Computer Architecture Elective
INFR09027 Computer Communications and Networks CS 125
INFR09032 System Design Project CS 121
INFR09047 Operating Systems CS 134
The following Edinburgh courses are not transferable for CS credit:
INFR10052 Algorithm and Data Structures
University of Queensland (Australia)
Number Title Substitutes for
CSSE3002 The Software Process CS121
University of Saint Andrews (Scotland)
Number Title Substitutes for
CS2002 Computer Systems CS 105
CS3051 Software Engineering CS 121
CS3104 Operating Systems Elective
CS3106 Human Computer Interaction CS 124
The following St. Andrews courses are not transferable for CS credit:
CS3099 Major Software Team Project