Publications by Faculty and Students

Zach Dodds: 2006

  • Tribelhorn, B. and Z. Dodds Cost-effective Peripheral Robotics for AI Education, AAAI 2006, Boston, MA
  • Dodds, Z. Designing an AI elective to Encourage Undergraduate Research, Proceedings of the 19th International FLAIRS Conference, Melbourne Beach, FL
  • Dodds, Z., L. Greenwald, A. Howard, S. Tejada, and J. Weinberg, Components, Computation, and Community: Robots and Robotics in Undergraduate AI Education, AI Magazine #27.1 pp. 11-12
  • Dodds, Z. and L. Karp The evolution of a computational outreach program to secondary school students, 2006 ACM SIGCSE Symposium, Houston, TX