During a sponsor outing in the Fall of 2007, the sponsor told the following tale to the FrOsh:

"There's a group of FrOsh who hate their dorms so much that they live in Platt! They eat there, they do their homework there, and they bring their clothes there and change! They even brush their teeth in the bathrooms and shower in the LAC!"

This is mostly not true. What really happened was this: Once upon a time, there were FrOsh who went by the names of SkyeBerghel, CelesteConti, CaitlinJacques, AdriSebree, ChrisHoffman, and DanCiliske. Skye and Celeste lived in WestDorm, Caitlin lived in CaseDorm, Dan lived in LindeDorme, Chris lived in AtwoodDorm, and Adri lived in EastDorm. They were friends and liked to do their homework together. However, since none of them shared a room, and they didn't have their own lounge (being FrOsh), they did their homework on the long tables or squishy couches of the Platt Campus Center. Special Relativity was confusing; ergo, they spent a lot of time doing their homework. Also, Chris developed an addiction to BostonLegal?, which only served to increase the time spent in Platt. Skye spent a lot of time in Platt because ey could not focus in the much noisier atmosphere of West. Dan was a swimmer and therefore never slept. Celeste stuck around for the white boards. Others had their own reasons for homeworking in Platt.

Platt Frosh A group of freshman have effectively moved into Platt, including sleeping there. They do not feel particularly affiliated with the dorms that they live in, so they hang out and work in Platt (generally, in a specific white board area). They are not generally viewed as a problem. --DormitoryAffairsCommittee? Minutes, 14 December 2007

At the beginning of Spring 2008, none of the PlattFrosh were located in a dorm with other Platt Frosh. After the FroshRoomFireDrill, however, CaitlinJacques and AdriSebree were roommates. Therefore, the PlattFrosh gained a new home. In the year of 2009, many of them could often be found in Timesuck, where they homework-ed on, and lived out their merry little lives. After that, DanCiliske and SkyeBerghel could often be found in Sontag, and AdriSebree and CaitlinJacques could often be found in Caitlin's room. In Spring 2011, the four aforementioned PlattFrosh all took Shakespeare together (Caitlin and Dan directed, Adri had a major role, and Skye hemmed a lot of dresses).

Rumor has it that this year (of 2009), a new group of FrOsh has unwittingly taken up the mantle of the PlattFrosh. The identities of these FrOsh are yet unconfirmed, but it brings great joy to the former PlattFrosh to see that the tradition is being continued.

Has an abnormally high ITR/LOA rate. As of Spring 2009, 3 PlattFrosh (of the original 6) were enrolled. As of the end of Fall 2009, there is only one PlattFrosh who has yet to ITR or take a leave of absence.

UPDATE: As of Fall 2010, it seems likely that 5 out of 6 PlattFrosh will be enrolled at a 5C in Spring 2011, and 2 out of 6 will graduate on time (with another 2 out of 6 graduating in Fall 2011). We may disappear, but we come back. --SkyeBerghel, c/o Fall 2011

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